PCT – Practical coaching and training

Are you looking to return to work? Do you want to secure a better position in the workplace?

The PCT Partnership is an Edinburgh based company specialising in helping women succeed in the workplace. This includes supporting women in their return to work after a break and assisting women looking to progress their career.

We have worked with women returners for 20 years and helped thousands of women return to work. The result is that there is not much we don’t know about the issues and concerns surrounding women returners, and we are highly experienced in helping you find solutions. Women come to us with different ambitions and varying backgrounds. A typical Women Returning to Work (WRW) course will include women who have worked in law, accountancy, banking, education and administration. They have the same goals: finding a way back to work or securing advancement within the workplace.

Joining the course as a women returner will see you working in a safe and supportive environment. You will be with like-minded women to help you navigate your route back into employment. Alternatively, if you are seeking progression in the workplace, perhaps from part time to full time or to a more demanding role, then we will work with you to improve your job matching skills and to ensure your interview performance is well prepared.

 Our courses for 2018 include:


  • Women Returning to Work (2 options)
  • Preparation for interview
  • Individual practice interview
  • Women returning to work

    A hugely successful course. We have helped thousands of women in Edinburgh successfully make the transition back to work and progress within the workplace. In 2018, we will offer 2 options for women returners: a short course for those considering a return and looking for information to help them decide; and a longer course for women looking to return to the workplace quickly.

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  • Preparation to change job

    We provide in-depth coaching on interview preparation. In this, we will share knowledge on different selection methods, understanding how to prepare for an interview, provide sample questions and answers, as well as various techniques to help get better and answering interview questions.

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  • Individual practice interview

    Seeking a polished and poised performance at interviews? At PCT, we firmly believe in the benefits of practising 1-1. Beyond sharing our extensive knowledge of the interview process and techniques, we work with you on your presentation, and provide many opportunities to go over answers in a safe and relaxed environment.

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  • Service for employers

    We help employers in their recruitment and selection process.  Employers typically provide us with a job description and we would try to find the best fit from amongst our women returners. For you as employers, we believe that this is an excellent opportunity to access a group of well-qualified women, keen (and ready?) to return to the workplace, with excellent skills and work ethic.