Changing Jobs

Graduates groups practice interview scenes

Preparing to change jobs

Changing jobs can be quite daunting. Many would-be job changers are put off applying for new posts because the process seems complicated, lengthy and, often, the applicant does not know where to start!

At PCT, we offer a service intended to simplify this process and support you through your journey into new employment.

Operating on an individual basis, our objectives are simple. By the end of our sessions, we aim to ensure that you will:

  • understand the recruitment and selection process used by many employers
  • develop the skills to complete an excellent application including a supporting/personal statement that matches the requirement of the job and addresses competence-based applications
  • have prepared at least one application, including writing a personal statement that matches the post

This runs on an individual basis and is dedicated to your needs solely. Simply select and book the sessions you require. Each session lasts approx. 1.5 hours and is charged at £50 per hour.


Mail us at or, if you would prefer to call and discuss your needs, contact us on 0131 622 6240.

What some people have said:

“Theresa gives clients a realistic picture of what employers expect, and the skills they are seeking in candidates. Her advice was invaluable in enabling me to write supporting statements that would get me interviews.” Kate

“Mind mapping in preparation for job interviews has proved to be a complete revelation which has improved my performance and my confidence significantly.” Carolina 

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