Interview Practice

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Interview practice

Most people with an impending interview look online and find an array of sample interview questions. However, that only suggests what the employer may ask and this is only a tiny part of your preparation.

To really improve your performance, you need to practice how you will respond. At PCT, we believe that this involves considering how to effectively:

  • listen and interpret questions
  • prepare answers that match the job specification
  • respond to both standard questions and competence-based questions
  • show you understand the business’ core values and competences, and build this knowledge into your answers.

The PCT approach is unique: it is all about you and the specific job interview you are attending. We improve your performance by thoroughly examining your responses and looking for ways to improve and refine your answers.

How does it work?

  • You provide us with the job details and your application form
  • PCT will provide you with preparation material before the session
  • Your session will start with some basic knowledge-based information and an agreement that we are adopting a learning style that works for you
  • We will work through questions and answers using mind mapping to take away for consolidation
  • Our “stop /start /try again” approach will help bring improvements, ensuring that your answers match the requirements of the job
  • You will leave feeling confident and ready for the interview

We cannot guarantee success at interview but we can guarantee that you will be prepared and ready to face the challenge. Our success rate of helping people succeed at interview is very high.


A 1.5-hour session is £100 and can be arranged to suit your schedule

Interested or would like to hear more?

Mail us at or, if you prefer to call and discuss your needs, contact us on 0131 622 6240.

What some people have said:

“I have just been offered 2 jobs! I can’t believe that having had 12 interviews in 6 months and been unsuccessful in all it only took 3 hours with PCT to get 2 offers from 2 interviews. Theresa: thank you, thank you thank you: I will not hesitate to recommend your services to anyone (in my case Graduate engineer) struggling with interviews.” Conway

“My interview prep involved PCT analysing the vacancy and sending me the possibly questions. I had time to think about my answers so no tricks there. I then spent 1.5 hours practising my responses with PCT, they asked me questions, stopped me with suggestions, helped me find the right words and I left with a mind map (1 sheet of paper with trigger words which was all I needed for interview). I would still be foundering with interviews had I not contacted PCT. Highly recommended.” Tracey  

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