Meet the Team

We are a small dedicated team working together with the aim of providing supportive training and development which allows women to return to work confidently. We are ambitious are passionate about promoting women in the workplace and as such we will aim to encourage an ongoing debate on the issues surrounding working women and lone parents. As mentors our approach will always be to firstly understand you and in doing so to demonstrate care, commitment and support to help you find the best fit to enable both a successful return to work and progression within the workplace.

For women returners we know that coming back to work is not easy but with help and support you will be amazed at what you can achieve in a short space of time.

We also know that progressing within the work place can be daunting and because of that it is often put off to another day. Our guiding hand can facilitate this process and help you success in your next move.

Meet that team that are here to help.


  • Theresa, Founder


    “Since starting the company, I have had the privilege of working with women from all walks of life, in their journey to work. Graduating in Business, I draw upon first-hand knowledge of recruitment processes from various industry sectors, and personally design and implement training programmes. It is sheer delight to see people progress quickly! I get a serious buzz out of 1-1 coaching and watching interview nerves turn into a polished performance on the day.”
    Theresa’s success rate of turning interviews into a job is very high – she won’t say it so we will say it for her!

  • Ai Wen, Trainer


    “I have a broad experience in academic editing, and coaching on English as a second language. I enjoy seeing people equipped with effective communication skills to succeed in their endeavours. Working with PCT has allowed me to combine my skills to enable others. In a former life, I was a commercial litigator in a busy city firm.”
    Ai Wen recently joined PCT and already she is a huge benefit to the team. She has a very gentle encouraging approach which is much appreciated by our clients.

  • Lesley, Trainer

    “An IT tutor for more years than I care to recall. I have extensive experience of working with women and in particular with lone parents who are finding it even more difficult to return to work.
    I have designed and delivered training which matched the ECDL syllabus and I am comfortable teaching all aspects of Microsoft Office. I have lived and worked in Europe, USA, and more recently the Middle East. Now relocated in Edinburgh I have joined PCT to and I am delighted to again be working with women retuners”
    Great listener and always keen to find solutions to problems.

  • Ron, Trainer


    “I have for many years worked as a college lecturer, teaching on all aspects of the service industry. With my background, I deliver hospitality training and development for PCT, working extensively with awarding bodies. I am a qualified SQA and REHIS tutor and assessor. I very much enjoy seeing trainees achieve their potential and successfully progress within their chosen career.”
    Ron is the most affable person and has an amazing rapport with all his clients.

  • Lara, Administrator


    “Working part-time for the PCT, I help with the day-to-day running of the office, including contact with clients. I am active on social media and keep you up-to-date with all our news on Facebook, Twitter and our blogs. Presently, I also read Law at Edinburgh University – a suitably complementary combination.”

  • Renzo, IT


    “I recently graduated with a Masters in Design Informatics from Edinburgh University. Working part-time for PCT, I am responsible for web management and social media – a growing part of PCT’s business! I like to keep PCT thinking about how it can help returners embrace the digital world, and challenge the team to think ahead.”