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    Courses for Women Returning to Work  

About our courses

  • Whether you've left a full time career and are now looking for part time work to fit with family commitments or are just not sure what job to go for, our courses could help you.

  • Courses last for 4 weeks and attendance is part time to fit with school hours. The courses include help with CV development and interviews and support in finding work as well as ensuring your computer skills are up to date.

  • We'll guide you through where to look for jobs, how to write a CV that will get you an interview, how to complete application forms (particularly the personal statement!) and will give you lots of help with preparing for job interviews.

  • We work with groups of 10 and give plenty of individual feedback throughout the course.

  • We'll also help you make sure your computer skills are up to date so you should feel much more confident about going back to work.

  • Once you've completed the 4 week taught course we'll provide ongoing support to help you find work.

  • Over half the women coming on our courses find the kind of work they're looking for with hours that suit them.

  • The courses are for women who want to return to work after a break
    and are open to you if you have been away from the workplace for domestic reasons for 13 weeks or more (or have been registered as unemployed for at least 13 weeks).

  • Because Skills Development Scotland is funding the course it is free to participants. You will continue to receive any benefit you are currently entitled to.

Applying for a place

To apply for a course please complete the application form below and email it to training@thepctpartnership.co.uk or return it to:
The PCT Partnership, PO Box 24069, Edinburgh, EH3 1FA.

We will then contact you to arrange an informal interview.

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